Poslať Štv Júl 23, 2015 10:31 pm

Awesome and different?

This isn't a normal job ad for a normal job. That's because I'm not a normal employer.

I quit my job at Google, and moved to Banska Bystrica because my girlfriend got a job here. My girlfriend is more amazing than Google so...

I've been working on an awesome startup from my flat here. Do you think I'm crazy? Creating a startup in Banska Bystrica? No? Well maybe you're crazy enough to move here and join me! :)

I completely love what I'm doing and if you have a sense of adventure and ability to improvise, you'll probably love helping me... much more than you will working for some big boring company with a nice steady career path [vomit]. Together we'll write great, tight code, and have a small chance to change the world in a huge way.

I'd rather tell you about my idea and find out if we're compatible in person, but before you contact me, here's some things you should consider.

  • the work will be in Banska Bystrica. I want to work WITH you. Every day. Shoulder to shoulder. This is not a Skype and email gig
  • the work will be in English (did you want to practice your English with a native speaker? Well, here I am! If you want to work in any big company later on, or move to London or Silicon Valley, you NEED great English)
  • the stack is Postgresql, node.js, Angular, and HTML5/CSS3. I don't care if you don't have these skills. I care much more that you're a problem solver with great communication skills
  • if you're good, I will pay you. But if you're REALLY good, I won't pay you and you can be a co-founder. I have funds to pay you for at least a year (I'm not guaranteeing the startup will last that long. But that doesn't matter to you because you are a developer, and developers have super powers which means you'll get a job anywhere and have some very cool experience under your belt)
  • you're a recent graduate, but you may have 1-2 years experience developing for another company
  • sometimes I might cook you lunch, and I'm a damn good cook

You will get job offers for big companies and mediocre startups for the rest of your life. But this is your ONLY chance to grab this unique opportunity to work with the crazy Australian in Banska Bystrica.

So go on. Do it. Email me at joshoooaaah@gmail.com and let's create magic together.