Poslať Pon Máj 10, 2010 8:17 am

Prednášky R. Jedynaka

Pozývame vás na sériu prednášok a cvičení Dr. Radoslawa Jedynaka, PhD. :

10.5.2010, 16.00-18.15 hod, poslucháreň VECIT
  • Project of simple website with mathematical calculator
    Introduction to JavaScript. How to insert JavaScript script in HTML code. Chosen mathematical functions. How to create buttons and input forms. Project of typical mathematical calculator (4 operation). Another project of useful calculator.

12.5.2010, 10.00-11.30 hod, poslucháreň VKM
  • Some information about computer science competitions organized by TU of Radom
    Short history of competitions organized by TU of Radom. Subjects, typical tasks. Information about other popular competitions for students in Poland.

13.5.2010, 12.50-15.05 hod, poslucháreň VECIT

  • Recovery cards and their utilization in students laboratory (1 lecture+2 laboratories)
    Short information about recovery cards, how they operate, what software have to be installed. Their advantages and disadvantages. In frame of laboratories physical installation and configuration (2 or 3 cards – if it is possible inside computers) cards. Testing and management of cards by students.